The crazy happy holidays are 100% over and it’s back to school and work.

The kids are back at school and everyone’s returned to their routines, jobs around the home can begin.

Get that garage door serviced first. You wouldn’t miss a service on your car – anything can go wrong! That’s why we are meticulous in our work at Garage Door Maintenance.

We’re not in the garage door industry to be competitive – we’re in it to provide an awesome service to our customers, so that you will return to us year after year for a complete garage door service. We only use genuine parts for your door, and leave you completely satisfied with our work.

Well its the same for your garage door too. Cables can spin off, springs can snap. What if the door isn’t opening or closing correctly?

Ring us for a ‘no obligation’ free quote. We’ll come and check your door and all its components are working properly and if not, we’ll quote you on how much the repairs will be. Too easy.

Ask to speak to Dave our most knowledgeable technician 0411488134.

We are 100% industry accredited with AGDA
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    At Garage Door Maintenance we have combined industry experience of over 25 years. As a tecnician David started out first as an installer of garage doors then moved to sales he now does all the repairs to garage doors. We are professionals.